Body, Lens, Cognition. My method is reconciliation. By moving through space and time, my body becomes an archive of  sensation, memory and medicine.  My mind meanders through histories and realities when my body senses, discovers or stumbles across something. That can be a writing on a wall, a root bursting through concrete, a pheasant on a field, a fox on a parking lot, a word overheard, a silence uttered.

I walk, I carry a camera.

Nina Berfelde is a self-taught photographer, camera woman, video artist and filmmaker. She holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and has worked over 15 years in the film industry, mostly but not solely in the realms of theatrical documentaries. She is an experienced writer, director, editor and producer. Her camera work evolves around candid, conceptual and experimental approaches. As integral as seeing the world through a lens, is her body moving through space and time – walking is a cinematic process and artistic practice. Both, the camera and walking, are instruments to channel & integrate interior and exterior worlds. Through this process, she tells stories of possible and necessary reconciliation. Multilinear time, transgenerational trauma, swamps as archive, the lands who moan and bury ferocities which have elapsed and were suppressed. By walking along the scars of history and channeling the stories murmured by trees, lakes, soil and breeze, Nina Berfelde (re-)creates collective dreams, exhumes unknown memories and weaves a ravel of context.

Currently based in Berlin, Postgraduate Studies at the Institute of Art in Context, University of the Arts Berlin. 

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