Candid Fashion Photography

2021 for Kyra von Stromberg’s collection SI|CoE

Candid Fashion Photography: no props, natural light, one versatile camera model using only one lens. Trusting the process rather than staging or insisting on a product. Candid Photography is about the flow, about allowing things to happen and being lucky to observe them. Candidness is about letting go, owning your energy, not controlling. The images are manifesting, not being taken. Kyra Stromberg’s collection SI|CoE addresses the issue of “couples’ privilege”. And “coupled” being the preferred governmentally funded model of relations in our society.⁠

Textiles mimicking sensitivities and stances. Both inventiveness and versatility, as the chosen materials, support and promote sustainability — focusing on high quality long-lasting garments.⁠

Model | Charlotte Seebeck
⁠Photography | Nina Berfelde
Concept & Design | Kyra von Stromberg⁠

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