Verdauungsspaziergang (digestive walk)

Sensory & Participative City Walk
Contextualizing Berlin Biennale, commissioned as Berlin Biennale Focus Tour (2022).

A city walk connnects the Berlin Biennale exhibition sites Stasi Museum and Academy of Arts, both located in East Berlin, formerly known as the capital of the GDR. Both places are condensates of Berlin history and memories of what people are capable to do to each other. We understand walking as a practice that activates time and space, releases thoughts through movement. The digestive walk addresses dialogue and silence, not being able to see, hearing and smelling the city and its many joints and pores from which history creeps. The walk was born from wondering about how the Berlin Biennale curatorial team positions the commissioned art, claims to discuss „transformation processes“ while keeping its exhibitions inside institutional barriers and only hesitantly acknowledging the countless layers of history when it comes to discussing White Supremacy, intersectionality, accessibility of art, post-colonial structures and the cobwebs of the multi-faceted pasts that are still present.

(in collaboration with Min Kyung Kim & Judith Greitemann)


Digestive Walk. A Sensory and Participative City Walk by and with guest art facilitators from the Art in Context masters program at the Berlin University of the Arts


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