(Yanara Friedland, 2021)
Cover Art & Documentation

Walking as artistic practice. A week of various walks along the "Berliner Mauerweg", investigating visible and invisible signs of 45 years of Cold War & political division along the lines of the city of Berlin. A dialogue between a German-US Jewish writer born 1983 in West Berlin and a visual artist born 1982 in the former GDR. Speaking the same language, sharing the same nationality while having radically differing childhood memories and roots. Finding commonality in split consciousnesses.

About Friedland:
Yanara Friedland is a writer and translator born in Berlin. Her first book UNCOUNTRY: A MYTHOLOGY was the winner of the 2015 Noemi Press Fiction award and is published in German translation with Matthes & Seitz (2021). Her collection of essays GROUNDSWELL (Essay Press, 2021) has been supported by grants from the DAAD and Arizona Commission on the Arts. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she teaches at Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies and is writing a book on sleeplessness.

Mauerweg / Platte (2013)

Video Installation

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