Die Lükke (The Gap)

Performative intervention & installation at Brücke Museum Berlin.
Part of the exhibition "Whose Expression? The artists of the Brücke in a colonial context." (2022).

The name says it all: „The Gap“ is an intervention by a group of artists dedicated to contextualisation. On two dates during the exhibition „Whose Expression? The artists of the Brücke in a colonial context“, the members will install a copy shop in the museum and produce a „zine“ from B&W photographs of the objects for provenance research in the Kunsthaus Dahlem, objects, art catalogues, trivial literature as well as academic texts, which does not want to give answers, but collects and takes up the questions that the exhibition raises or could raise. The investigations into German colonial history are in the embryonic stage, and there is still a long way to go before we can speak of recognition and reparations. Only now are museum institutions examining the biographies of celebrated „resistant“ artists in terms of their „true“ attitudes to and relationships in National Socialism. „The Gap“ looks for the holes, connecting threads and half-baked narratives that are no longer tenable. History is written by the victors, isn’t it? We’ll see, „The Gap“ goes about producing its zine in an open-ended and process-oriented way. And this one will most likely surprise themselves.

(in collaboration with Valerie Ludwig, Valerie Göhring, Marcel Heise, Max Altenburg)

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