ruins; resurrected (2021 - 2024)

ruins; resurrected is process, ecosystem and wandering. Over a distance of 165 kilometres, this process unfolded in attributions and projections onto East Germans and the history of the GDR. Söllenthin in the Prignitz and Gardelegen in the Altmark became the end points of a spectrum that Michael Rothberg identifies as implication. Which nuances affect the East German body, which narratives are defined by West Germany? Everywhere there are references to pseudo-seclusion, to a narrational hegemony that is destructive and brutal. The much-vaunted denazification is exposed as the myth that symbolises the eternal continuation of European history of violence. With Christa Wolf’s novel „Kassandra“, ruins; resurrected finds a voice that will not be heard and yet has been a warning, a hope, the last bastion of reason for thousands of years. Accompanied by Iris Därmann, Emily Jacir, bell hooks and others, ruins; resurrected (once again) establishes how schizophrenic the self-narrative of the West is, which anchors are as little inviolable as they are peaceful. ruins; resurrected is catharsis, and yet leaves us unredeemed. It recognises that we need to talk, listen, give space, review and rethink everything. Nothing is as it seems and the history of the „Occident“ is merely the history of patriarchal violence, never truly progressive, instead redundant and self-referential. The format that ruins; resurrected has found as an installation takes this into account. A 3-channel video component is created from film & sound material, a meditation and mourning work. Kassandra speaks through three women, born in Iran, the USA and the GDR. Mugwort grows in plant pockets that condense the nine migrations. Found windows as projection screens embody my grandfather’s oral histories. His memory of a night in May 1945 provided the impetus and direction. Step by step, ruins, resurrected digs its way through the violence that erupted in Söllenthin and Gardelegen at the end of the Second World War and carries it, slice by slice, through time and space.

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