The Giant

Video Art, 2015
Story, Lighting, Camera, Editing, Post-Production (technical support After Effects & Projection: Kristian Raue)
Music by Sabine Bremer & Arne Nitzsche

About the elektroschuhe collective:

The performance collective „die elektroschuhe“ is made up by artists being interested to work together in variable and changing cooperations and projects. Based by this preparedness the current main artist-director gets the possibility to concentrate on the most important issues, aspects and conflicts of his idea. All the remaining “elektroschuhe” will act as members of the cast, self-respecting co-authors, promoters and critics at the same time. By cooperating like this, all the artists are offered a chance for creative, engaging, lively, challenging work and communication. Everybody gets the chance to work for the chosen and inspiring main idea, and at the same time being able to work on his own artistic identity.

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