Ruins, resurrected | Ruinen, auferstanden (2022 and ongoing)

An artistic research on transgenerational traumas and their transmission, a work in progress utilizing walking as artistic practice in order to connect and reconcile multiple timelines of historic, present and future violence. Contextualizing the human capacity to process complex realities when allowing oneself to not have a definite answer to a(ny) question. Examining memorial and archival practices.

"Reconciliation" connects the town of Gardelegen with the small village Söllenthin - a walking distance of roughly 145km. The walk took me along the rivers Havel and Elbe and will cross the region "Altmark" to be completed at the Memorial Site "Feldscheune Isenschnibbe" where 1016 people were burned alive, by German soldiers and civilians on April 13th 1945. Only two weeks later the girls and women of Söllenthin became victims of rape as war crime, commited by Soviet soldiers. Threatened to have their children shot, the women surrendered to protect their families. When walking along former battle sites of the 2nd World War, very close to what later became the border between East and West Germany, I came to realize that there are no Memorial Sites for these women, their children and hardly any for all those who resisted the violence, fought it or had to surrender causing trauma to unfold in all following generations. Despite their questionable actions, the soldiers are still being memorialized, even glorified. In order to give these unknown victims of war a space for recognition and mourning, I walk, I sing, I pause, I listen to the lands, the trees, the rivers, the winds. And I find images and sounds which will be coalesced into an experimental lens-based artwork.

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